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Important Health Warning:

Stress is a medical condition.

Many of us function under some amount of pressure most or all of the time, but if you find that you are suffering from regular or chronic stress, then you must see a doctor who will be able to advise you on appropriate, effective techniques and treatments for alleviating your stress.

Anxiety is also a medical condition, and again, if you are feeling anxious every day then it is strongly recommended that you speak to a medical professional for advice. The ideas discussed on this website in relation to stress, are aimed at helping you with the type of day-to-day pressures that everybody recognises.

Stress is a force governing all of our lives today. Stress at work, family stresses, stress in a relationship, exams and many others. We seem to get stressed about many things out of our control instead of enjoying life to the full. Isn’t it time that you reclaimed ownership of your life free from stress? Isn’t it time that stress was a forbidden word in your dictionary?

Isn’t it time that you RELAXED?

Call Positive Change Hypnotherapy Gran Canaria now (+34) 666 31 22 30.

When you book a session with Positive Change Hypnotherapy Gran Canaria you will achieve a state of relaxation immediately.

It’s time for you to relax!

Through Kevin O’Brien’s positive outlook and the use of hypnotherapy, he will show you a completely new way of looking at life, and relieve you of all of your stress.

Stress if managed correctly can do you the world of good.

It is only when it becomes excessive that it becomes a major lifestyle problem leading to mental and health disorders.
Before it takes over youYOU need to take over the STRESS.

Meeting Kevin can help you do just that. Using Hypnosis he will help you to relax, unclog your mind and clear your vision and focus. Once you learn to do that, it will directly reflect in your behaviour and outlook towards life.


All stress is triggered by an event or episode. Once you learn to recognise these triggers, then you can learn to introduce new, alternate behaviours thereby stopping the cycle of building triggers that contribute to high stress.

Hypnosis not only helps you to recognise your stress triggers, but while in the hypnotic state you are better able to see alternative perspectives and behaviours in stressful situations. You can learn to reprogram your thoughts and actions whilst in a trance state to help you develop new behaviour in the waking conscious state.

Gain control of your life again. Call Positive Change Hypnotherapy now (+34) 666 31 22 30.

As you learn to control your responses to stress triggers, your emotions will be more controlled and you will begin to experience greater sense of self control no matter what circumstances in which you may find yourself.

By experiencing deep relaxation while in a hypnotic state, your body learns to relax. You will feel more rested, energetic, and find your sleep becoming deeper and more peaceful.

As you begin to feel better physically, your thinking will become clearer, and you will react to stressful situations in a much more calm way.

Symptoms of Over Stress:

  • Unable to relax
  • Poor appetite
  • Excessive drinking
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Snapping at people you love
  • Always being rushed, in a hurry or late for appointments
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive problems
  • Excessive eating
  • Overspending
  • Road rage
  • Agitation at small things
  • Unable to sit still, focus on a TV show, a conversation, or to read

People experience many benefits from one-to-one Hypnotherapy sessions with Positive Change Hypnotherapy.

Learning to cope, to change and adapt to whatever situation that may arise in your life is the key to successful stress management.

All you need to do is Call POSITIVE CHANGE HYPNOTHERAPY (+34) 666 31 22 30 to make an appointment now in order to gain control of YOUR life again.

You will be amazed just how quickly you will see the benefits!

Advice and Tips on Stress Management

Stress is on the increase and more people are suffering from stress related illnesses. affects different people in different ways and it is important that you establish what works for you.

The biggest causes of stress are as follows:

  • Money
  • Family
  • Work
  • Personal relationships

Below are some tips to aid the management of stress:

  • Identify the cause. Become aware of what it is that makes you stressed. Procrastination and bad habits may be a significant contributor. You must acknowledge and accept responsibility for your contribution to your stress. Make notes of why you are stressed and it’s cause. This will assist you in combating the causes
  • Learn to control your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths at the start of a stressful situation can relieve stress before it starts creating undesirable effects in your body. Visualize a calm place such as a beach or a garden
  • Laughter. Make time for fun in your life
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthily. A healthy lifestyle will strengthen the immune system that is weakened by stress. Cut down on caffeine-laced food and beverages to promote clearer thinking and concentration
  • Positive Thinking. Simply thoughts such as “I can handle this” or “I have the energy” or “I am confident” will stop the negative “chit chatting” thoughts in your mind
  • Learn to say no and to prioritise. Saying no can be positive too!
  • Relax. Try relaxation techniques or maybe Yoga or Pilates to help tune your mind and body
  • Boost your vitamin intake. If you are lacking in vitamins you should review your diet or take multivitamins to help you function better physically and mentally. Be careful to follow instructions on the packaging or consult your GP
  • Talk to a friend. Sharing your worries with someone allows temporary relief of burden and helps you feel cared for or enable you to see problems and solutions clearly
  • Revive a hobby or start a new one. Hobbies should evoke passion and it will take your mind off stresses and give a sense of renewed awareness and purpose



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